The Kingston Bookery (originally Mr. B’s Bookery) has been an important part of Kingston for 21 years.

Why Visit Us?

Traditional paper books have made an astounding comeback after the initial flurry of interest caused by the advent of the eBook. While eReaders have their place, they cannot provide the tactile satisfaction of an old-fashioned book. The feel of paper, the ability to easily make notes on physical pages, and for some, even the smell of a book, old or new, helps personalize the act of reading.
With close to 20,000 volumes to choose from on our shelves…
Our books range from nearly new to some volumes over 100 years old, from (nearly) current novels to non-fiction and reference books, so we can address your reading choices over a wide range of topics and authors.

Come See Us

Our Hours

Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sundays 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Bring in your USED BOOKS for TRADE CREDIT!

When you bring us your used books you are contributing to the Kingston Community of readers, but THAT ISN’T ALL!

You get TRADE CREDIT for the books you bring in. The marked price of the books on our shelves is slashed by 50%…. and by the way, your books help us KEEP the LIGHTS ON!

Call us at: 360-297-7380

You can find us between the Food Market Kingston and the Post Office